General Gutter Repair

General Gutter Repair

Slate Roof Professionals of Northern New Jersey installs and repairs K-style and half round gutters in a variety of colors and materials. We can match your gutters to the design elements of your home’s architecture and we are experienced in historic restoration efforts.

Installing and maintaining gutters is important to the structural integrity of your home. How water is diverted around your home has a direct effect on your home’s foundation.

Gutter repair may seem like a simple thing you can do on your own, however, an expert eye and skilled craftsmanship can save your home or structure from a lot of trouble.

As seasons change and years go by, the screws holding your gutters up lose traction within the swelling and contracting wood they are attached to. This creates a gap that can take on water. Such a gap causes water damage to your wood – which can invite insects and mold. Gutter seams must also be maintained and repaired.

For over 30 years, we’ve proudly served nearby New Jersey communities of South Orange, Montclair, Maplewood, Ridgewood, Englewood and beyond. Contact us today to request an estimate!